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Annual Varsity Waldorf Basketball Tournament

Each year our High School hosts the varsity Waldorf Basketball Tournament. Nine or ten Waldorf School High Schools send teams to participate.

Students, parents and friends of the Kimberton are invited to watch the games in our high school gym. The tournament is the highlight of the season for all the players. The teams are matched according to their strengths. The schedule of games can be found at the end of this article.

Volunteers prepare and serve a meal on Friday night for the players and coaches. After the last game on Saturday night there are social activities for the players in the  high school gym and Kimberton students from ninth grade through twelfth.

Guidelines for the Varsity Tournament

1. Parents should accompany  younger children at the tournament.  

2.  Children are permitted to sit on the bleachers or on one of the risers on the high school stage when watching a game in the gym.  For everyone’s safety students are not permitted to sit on the front of the stage and dangle their legs over the edge of the stage during a game. They are not permitted to use the exit doors from the rear of the high school stage or the exit doors in the locker room.

3. Children are expected to stay in the gym when they come to the tournament. They are not allowed to go outside to the playground areas or to any other building such as the lower school gym, which is reserved for warm up time for the visiting teams prior to each game.

4. Children who are found outside of the gym will be sent inside to be with their parents.