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Early Childhood Programs

Kimberton Waldorf School offers several programs for young children: Rosebud Parent-Child Circle, Rosebud Garden, and Kindergarten. Our Rosebud classes are held in our Rosebud Garden, located around the corner from the main campus, at 221 Hickory Grove Rd.

Central to all is the preservation of childhood. Our Early Childhood teachers strive to preserve the innocence and innate wonder of early childhood by creating a secure, inviting, joyful environment. The day unfolds in a natural way following a dependable rhythm that gives the children a sense of security and consistency. Drawing, watercolour painting, beeswax modelling, baking, handwork, woodwork, storytelling, puppetry, and outdoor play are among the activities that nourish the children’s natural sense of awe and wonder and create an environment worthy of imitation. At Kimberton, children bake bread, they develop dexterity through finger-knitting and working with beeswax, they tend a garden, and they are enriched with nature stories, puppet plays, storytelling and festivals. Seasonal activities such as planting bulbs, raking leaves, gathering fruit or making jam nurtures a reverence for the natural world.

The toys in our Early Childhood programs are simple: wooden toys, shells, stones, logs, branches, colored fabrics, sheep's wool, and cloth dolls. With these simple toys, imaginative play is nurtured and transforms into creative, independent thought in later stages of learning.

Briar Rose Forest provides a natural forest setting as an environment that will support creative, self-initiated play of the young child. To provide a direct experience of nature and the seasons so that a healthy relationship with nature can develop. To make possible the daily experience of the beauty, wonder and awe of the forest. To learn to care for nature by becoming stewards of Briar Rose Forest by developing a healthy, loving relationship with the forest as a natural environment to be cared for and explored.

"Prescription to Play" A Video by the Alliance for Childhood

"Each child is like a rose in a bud and in every bud there lives an image of what it will become.  If we nurture each child out of a deep knowledge of healthy child development and trust in the inherent process, then like the rosebud which opens into a glorious flower, our children will blossom!"

Chinyelu Kunz, EC Teacher