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Seven Stars Shop

October 2013

Join us on Friday, November 1 for the Seven Stars Shop Grand Opening. We will be in our new space in the Parent Hub. Hours will be 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. The Coffee Cart will be happening too, so have a cup of coffee or tea and do some shopping or just stop in to browse and say hello. You'll see some Waldorf essentials and new inventory, too!

September 2013

The Pay-As-You-Wish sale raised $600.00 for the new Seven Stars Shop! The money will be used to buy new inventory for the shop, which will be opening on November 1. Thank you to everyone who came to the sale and found some "treasures" to take home. There are still some books left over that are on the bookshelf in the Parent Hub. They are free to a good home! Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help the store so much in it's early start up phase. Tara appreciates everyone's kind words, encouragement, and support.

August 2013

Dear KWS Parents,

I'm excited to announce the launch of the new Seven Stars Shop. I wanted to introduce myself for those of you who don't know me. My son, Alek, is in sixth grade, I have a daughter, Eva, who is in third grade at Beaver Run and also Grace who will turn one in September (a future Kimberton Waldorf student!). The school store is something that has always been very close to my heart. When my son was three I attended an open house at the Waldorf School of Princeton. When I visited their store and saw what they stocked I knew there was something different and special about the school. I saw beeswax, herbal remedies, woolens, imaginative play items. I could sense they had a very unique and holistic approach to educating children. Many pieces of what a Waldorf Education is came together for me in that one small room!! Reflecting back on my early years as a parent I realize the school store provided me with information and an understanding of Anthroposophy, an opportunity to connect with other like-minded parents, a way to have our home life support the education my son was receiving at school, and also a way to support the school through my purchases.

When I heard the Seven Stars Shop was closing in June I felt sad that our school would be losing something that I believe provides such value and a service to our community. But under my disappointment and sadness I felt some inspiration too! I asked the Governing Team if I could take on starting a new Seven Stars Shop in a different location since the old space was becoming the new lower school handwork room. They said yes! The new Seven Stars Shop will be a smaller store to begin with and will have a more concentrated inventory of Waldorf essentials. It will  also continue to carry beautiful handmade items. It's on track to open in November just in time for holiday shopping. Until then I will be working on stocking inventory and getting it set up in the new space. It will be located in the Parent Hub. The shop will be in the area that was used to store musical instruments and when the Seven Stars Shop is open it will flow out into the foyer. It will be open Fridays (with the coffee cart) and on special school events (assemblies, community dinners, etc.).

I am considering this school year a transition year as it changes hands and business models. At the new Seven Stars Shop the money that you spend will go towards supporting the school. If there is anything you'd like to see carried in the shop please let me know. I can also place special orders. I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

In closing, I ask you to please consider supporting Kimberton Waldorf School and purchase locally through the Seven Stars Shop to benefit our community and ultimately, and most importantly, our children.


Tara Romanowich